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Turning innovation to operational excellence in medical insurance since 1999

Since 1999, the DavidShield Group has been leading the way in smart healthcare insurance, by developing high-end technological solutions and innovative customer-oriented services. The group has a strong worldwide presence, with operations in over 100 countries, offices throughout Europe, The Middle East and Australia, an innovation lab in Zurich, Tel Aviv, and partnerships with leading insurance companies and provider networks across the globe.

Making Healthcare Accessible for anyone anywheree

DavidShield Group's technological solutions reshape the way health insurance is provided and consumed. The Group's focus is on providing our members the same smooth and innovative experience they are used to in today's digital world. Thanks to the group's homegrown technology solutions, our members enjoy easy access to services anytime, anywhere!

Starting with unique core solutions for health insurance, going through patent pending advanced analytics based technologies for real-time claims clearing, all the way to state of the art digital user interfaces – More than 1,000,000 members in over 100 countries around the world prove over and over again that health insurance can work different.

The power to say “YES!”

The common insurance model, where insurers benefit if they act against the customer’s best interest is no longer valid.
We understand that customers are looking for an insurance company that is genuinely interested in supporting them whenever they need to file a claim, and that an unhappy customer will switch insurers as quickly has he can.
That's why we make sure that both the purchase and claim filing experiences are truly customer-friendly.

Redefining the medical insurance experience

The insurance industry has not changed for generations and we've all grown accustomed to its complex products, limited services and rigid processes. Well, not anymore - the rules of the game have changed!

Today’s consumers reward transparency, speed, flexibility and convenience, that's why many companies in other industries offer fast and digital services - everything is available through one search or one click.

DavidShield Group's insurance experience was created with this very goal in mind and offers easy-to-use digital tools and a simplified customer journey, unlike any other player in the industry


Usually it starts with tossing
around some crazy ideas…

DavidShield's innovation lab is the place where technology and insurance meet. The lab's expertise is to confront the insurance industry paradigms in order to incubate the next big thing in the insurance industry.
From POC to development, the innovation lab works in short cycles to develop award winning technologies and innovations:

Specializing in
health insurance

The DavidShield Group is a leader in the IPMI and travel insurance segment. It operates several MGU’S/MGA’S in Europe,Australia,Middle East and the US.


PassportCard, the world's first real-time travel insurance, launched its operation in Israel in 2012 and has successfully penetrated a highly-saturated market, gaining over 30% market share and an 85% customer retention rate. It introduced a new approach to travel insurance with no out-of-pocket expenses, no paperwork, and claims payout on the spot - when the customer really needs it!

PassportCard operates in several significant travel markets. The company also franchises its offerings to major travel insurance companies worldwide.


Founded in 1999, DavidShield is a leader in the field of expatriate health insurance. Thanks to Homegrown solutions, DavidShield's customers can access healthcare coverage across the globe, without paying any out-of-pocket expenses or submitting claim forms. This exceptional customer experience has earned the Company numerous awards over the years, including the 2016 Expatriate Management and Mobility Award, which recognizes the industry's most innovative uses of technology.


Founded in 2016, with headquarters in New York and R&D center in the Tel Aviv area.

Robin is here to reshape the customer journey in the complexed US healthcare system, making it short and simple for everyone.

The Robin platform connects between members, healthcare providers and insurers - It provides the member with options of potential service providers nearby, and a personalized pre-paid card for payment of medical expenses (funds are uploaded directly to the card by the insurer), this way the providers receive their full payment immediately and without any administrative hassle.

DavidShield Group Shareholders

DavidShield Group of companies are held by White Mountains Insurance Group and K.Omni LTD.


Davidshield Group

Our success is a direct result of our strategic alliances and partnerships with the world’s leading health-care providers and insurance companies:


Allianz SE Group – the largest property and casualty insurer in the world, with 142,000 employees worldwide, serving 85 million customers in more than 70 countries.

United HealthCare Services, Inc – one of the leading networks of medical service providers in the United States.

Israel Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. – one of Israel’s leading Insurance companies, offering insurance solutions for corporate and private clients in health, general insurance, pension products, investments, and finance.

Hollard Insurance Company – one of Australia’s leading insurance companies….